Measures for operation after a coronavirus epidemic

We think of our guests

We have newly introduced room disinfection with an ozone generator in the Villa Miluška guest house as a standard free service. Before arrival of each new guest his room will be disinfected in this unique way so that our guest feels safe with us and enjoys his holiday without worrying about his health.

What is an "Ozone Generator"?

It´s a unique and the most effective way to disinfect all type of interior (surgeries, waiting rooms, classrooms, hotel rooms, offices, means of public transport, etc.).

What is the "Ozone (O3)"?

  • the strongest natural oxidizing agent (3000x faster than chlorine)
  • ozone is a gas that penetrates deep into all crevices of interiors and pores of materials (carpets, textiles, leather, etc.)
  • no virus or bacteria can resist it
  • effectively destroys molds, fungi, mites and allergens
  • effectively disinfects the interior, including the surface of the walls
  • removes various odors, the causes of which it does not mask, but permanently removes them
  • leaves no traces on disinfected materials
  • ozon is ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • operation of this generator is completely safe and completely harmless to human health

Further measures at Villa Miluška

There is a hand sanitizer at the entrance to the guest house, so we ask all guests to use it before entering the building.

The operation of our wellness will be limited for the duration of government measures according to these instructions.

Also, the breakfast will be served instead the buffet form due to security instructions of the government.